God provides opportunities for each of us to communicate the story of the Gospel.

Sarah decided she would be intentional about looking for these opportunities, and God provided quickly. The teacher assigned Sarah an oral book report. This report was the opportunity God provided. The book Sarah chose was the Bible, and the story would be Noah’s ark. God used this presentation to begin conversations of God and the Gospel with Sarah’s classmates.

Friends from our childhood

It’s fun to catch up with friends from our childhood. Sarah was headed to see her family for a few days and meeting up with a girlfriend from school was part of the weekend plans. When her friend invited Sarah to attend church with her on Sunday, Sarah was excited about the opportunity. During the service, Sarah realized this church was not preaching the Gospel. Sarah knew she had to bring this to her friend’s attention, so she prayerfully and graciously began a discussion about truth with her friend. God used this conversation to deepen the friendship and provide the opportunity for long distance discipleship through the reading and discussion of God’s Word.

grace brandon
Everywhere we go

We spend our days going to work, school, doctors appointments, grocery stores, and many other places. In our busyness, we can miss the opportunity to care for the people we meet.

Sarah realized that by going to appointments, she was frequently seeing the same individuals. Sarah started having conversations with women in the offices she frequented. God used this short time of relationship building to lead to coffee and then a visit to church and dinner. God has taken this grace-driven effort and brought it to a relationship of discipleship where God’s Word is being studied.

grace brandon
Neighbors are friends too

Abe knew that God was working on his heart to get to know his neighbors he decided to take walks and look for neighbors who were available for conversation. Abe quickly met up with a neighbor who seemed to be outside frequently.

Conversations lead to a friendship and the opportunity to share the Gospel. As the relationship continues to grow, Abe realizes that his neighbors are the people God has placed in his network. It is important to build friendships with the people we have to opportunity to see every day.

Window to the world

Wouldn’t it be great if nothing in our homes ever needed to be repaired? But furnaces and air conditioners will cease from working, seals break in our windows, washers stop washing, and dryers will someday end drying.

Abe and Sarah decided it was time for some home improvements. They desired that they would be a blessing to whomever God chose to send to their home.

As workers entered their home on a daily basis, Abe and Sarah served coffee and provided lunch. Before the project came to an end, Abe and Sarah invited the workers to have lunch with them around their kitchen table. As they shared the meal, Abe, and Sarah used this opportunity to express their appreciation for the work and shared the good news of the Gospel.