Passing up a bargain

Everyone loves a bargain! Sarah needed to make a large purchase of material at the local fabric store and was happy to have a thirty percent off coupon.

Her trip to the store needed to be quick, so she chose her items and hurried to get in line

As Sarah checked out with her things, she realized she was getting a way better deal than she had planned, too good actually. When Sarah returned to her car and scanned her receipt, she realized that she was grossly undercharged. There wasn't time to go back in immediately, it would have to wait a day, but she knew she must be fair in her actions and pay the difference.

Several days later, Sarah returned to the fabric store with her purchase and receipt. She explained to the clerk that she had was undercharged for her, and she was there to make things right. The clerk immediately called the manager and explained the situation. Although the clerk and manager were relieved to receive the proper amount of money for the item, they could not help but ask why Sarah chose to come back to the store to correct a mistake that she was not responsible for and was now costing her money.

Sarah spent several minutes explaining that she was a child of God and because of His love, she wanted to do what was right and pay what she owed for her items. Sarah honored God by choosing to glorify Him for her choice to do right.

Sarah's story reminds me of I Peter 3:15, always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you of the hope that you have. Do this with gentleness and respect.

grace brandon