The patient Bible

Abe was planning on attending the church's annual men's conference. He had worked up the courage to finally invite someone close to him, and they accepted. This was a great opportunity, and Abe decided that buying this person an excellent Bible would really show support and offer encouragement. Everything was planned perfectly until the guest canceled and Abe was left to go alone and have a beautiful new Bible to sit on the shelf as a memory of hard work with no results.

Abe kept a small pocket version of the Bible on his desk at work for inspiration, wisdom and just general study over the lunch hour and free time.

Months later one of Abe's co-workers walked by his desk and asked what version of the Bible he was reading. They talked for a few minutes, and he commented that he was getting older and needed larger print when reading. When Abe got home, he remembered the Bible he bought back in the winter just sitting on the shelf, so he took it to work and when his co-worker stopped by again to chat, Abe presented the Bible to him. The Bible had a leather cover, quality pages, and a dust cover and his friend really appreciates the offer and the quality of the gift and said he intended to start reading.

We are all guilty of following our own plans and letting God know when it's His time to work instead of following His plan and being obedient when it is our time to work.

Abe was upset when his plans for the retreat fell through, and he didn't consider giving thank to God for humbling him and reminding him that God always has a perfect idea. Abe may never know what will come from gifting a Bible to a colleague, but he plans to order another Bible to place on the shelf and be ready for when God brings someone into his life who needs to have the Words of Life.

grace brandon