Start Somewhere

Sarah was nervous about getting to know her neighbors. She and her family had lived there for more than ten years, what would it look like to start getting to know the neighbors now?

As a family, they decided they would invite and see what happens. The journey to get to know their neighbors started with cookie baking and then cookie delivery. Knocking on the door and beginning a conversation with, we have lived here a long time, sorry we haven't done an excellent job of being neighborly wasn't easy but the response was warm and accepting. What Sarah and her family quickly discovered is that many of their neighbors were thrilled to begin a friendship even after ten years of very little communication. By the time Sarah delivered cookies to 5 neighbors, there were five invitations and acceptances to dinner.

Weeks later, relationships are being built over delicious meals and long conversations. What started at one neighbor coming for dinner has developed into two different neighbors coming on the same night and maybe even a block party in the spring.

Sarah and her family knew; they just had to start somewhere!

grace brandon