Resources Unit 6, Session 3: A Picture of Atonement

Sermons on Leviticus 16:
David Platt, The Wonder of Atonement:

Mark Dever, Day of Atonement:

Ligon Duncan, Yom Kippur The Day of Atonement: (no audio)

C. H. Spurgeon, The Day of Atonement:
(The written version of Spurgeon’s sermon:

Sermons/Podcast that aren’t specifically on Leviticus 16, but could be helpful to you:
Help Me Teach the Bible, Seeing Christ in the Old Testament:

D.A. Carson, The God Who Legislates: (I recommend the entire talk, but if you are limited on time go to minute 27.)

R.C. Sproul, The Necessity of the Atonement:

Gospel Project Podcast, Learning to Love Leviticus:



Fill ins:
pg 122: uniqueness, purity, unstained
pg 123: atonement, innocent