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Unit 11, Session 5: A Sinner Receives Forgiveness
Unit 11, Session 4: A King Shows Kindness
Unit 11, Session 3: A Servant Receives God’s Kindness
Unit 11, Session 2: A Fugitive Spares His Rival
Unit 11, Session 1: A Shepherd Slays a Giant
Unit 10, Session 3: God Rejects a King
Unit 10, Session 2: God Rescues His Ark
Unit 10, Session 1: God Calls a Prophet

Scripture: 1 Samuel 1 - 3

Derek W.H. Thomas: Lord: Give to Me So That I Can Give Back to You:

Tom Schreiner, Triumph of Minority:

Tom Schreiner, The Lord Brings Low and Exalts:

Mark Dever, God Surprises:

Nancy Guthrie with Ryan Kelly, Help Me Teach the Bible:

Jackie Hill Perry, The Miracle of Waiting Faithfully:


The Bible Project:

Paul Tripp:

pg 14:
Special Revelation: Word, character, redemption
Christ as Prophet: fulfills, Word

Unit 9, Session 5: The Hope of Redemption
Unit 9, Session 4: The Humiliation of the Proud
Unit 9, Session 3: The Weakness of a Rescuer
Unit 9, Session 2: The Wisdom of a Deliverer
Unit 9, Session 1: The Pattern of Rebellion
Unit 8, Session 3: The Provision of Peace
Unit 8, Session 3: The Provision of Peace
Unit 8, Session 2: The Promise of Victory

Hershael York, Rahab and the Rule of the Nations:

Nancy Guthrie, Help Me Teach the Bible:

Sam Storms, Two Spies and a Shady Lady:

Jen Wilkin, Rahab Redeemed (from a women’s bible study she led):

Jen Wilkin, Jericho in Ruins (from a women’s bible study she led):

John MacArthur, Joshua 2, 6:

John Piper, Faith to Be Strong & Faith to Be Weak (not necessarily on the text of Joshua, but a good resource on faith):



Fill ins:
pg 60: Jew, Gentile, atoning death, Christ

Unit 8, Session 1: The Call to Courage
Unit 7, Session 4: The Promise of God's Presence

Sermons specifically on Deuteronomy 31 & 32:
Sandy Wilson, Blessed:

Albert Mohler, Deuteronomy 31:

Albert Mohler Deuteronomy 32:

Mark Dever, Version 2.0:

Sermons/Podcast on Deuteronomy as a whole:
Help Me Teach the Bible, Scott Reed:

Mark Dever, The Message of Deuteronomy:

Gary Millar, Deuteronomy:


The Bible Project, The Book of Deuteronomy:

The Bible Project, Read Scripture: Deuteronomy:

Gary Millar, The Message of Deuteronomy:

Fill ins:
pg 40: transgress, salvation
pg 41: compassion, punishment

Unit 7, Session 3: The Blessings on God's People
Unit 7, Session 2: The Promise of God's Provision